Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Products I use:

The products I use are theatre makeup. All water based.

For my cake paints which I apply with sponges or makeup brushes I use 'Mehron' Paradise paints. This is a wonderful product washes off easily with mild soap and water. What makes this new makeup truly distinctive is the unique blend of base ingredients. Aloe and chamomile combine to make Paradise Makeup AQ® safe and gentle to the skin. Glycerin, avocado oil and cocoa butter provide rich, vibrant, color saturated coverage.

For airbrushing I use 'Ben Nye' paint.
Airbrushing is a unique experience. At first airbrushing can feel uncomfortable only because it takes a few seconds to get used to the cool breeze on you but it is very fast, easy and becomes very relaxing.

All of my glitter and shimmer powders are makeup quality as well. This is extremely important because they contain no metals.
I have a very large variety of these, over 20 different colors and I am always adding to them.

I also have jewels and gems for those little princesses.....

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