Wednesday, April 15, 2009

She is so sweet.
This is what I love about face painting.
It just lights up little ones faces.
It has the ability to 'transform them'

my chance at being painted by the best! Jinny

5 minute face

5 minute faces

5 minute face

5 minute face

Dragon Mask
7-8 minutes

Darth Maul
This face I kept having to stop to help customers in the store
But I would say it took 10-12 minutes total on this small face.

Tiaras take about 3-5 minutes depending on detail

Blue butterfly took 5 minutes
Orange fairy took about 8

5 minute face

Cheam Ice Skating at twin rinks. 'CATS' routine.
I painted all 14 of them.

This one takes about 10 minutes
The fine detail on the fairy takes me longer

5 minute face

Butterflies 3-5 minutes depending on detail

'Grinch' practice for the Leary Fine Arts
Suessical. 5 minute face

5 minute face

airbrush lace mask
takes one and half minutes. Takes longer to load the airbrush

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